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The desire for instant information, results and contact has defined a generation and has redefined all generations to come. Champion Realty is meeting these needs – head on- with OMG, our GPS location based texting system.  Bringing instant results to your Smartphone. Just text OMG to 59559 and get price info & photos.

Here's how OMG works: Potential Customer is in front of the home for sale. They text OMG to 59559 on any smart phone and what comes back is price & info about the house (including pictures). The phone knows what listing it is in front of. Super Cool!

OR they can just text the address to 59559 and it works the same way!

The agent will get a text message telling them that there is a buyer in front of their listing at 123 Oak St. They can text the computer back that they are available and they will get the phone number of the prospect so they can text or call them. 


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